I have to watch the first Thor very soon

I didn’t see Thor when it first came out, I think I was too busy. I could’ve tried to watch it after but I wasn’t very interested in seeing Chris Hemsworth’s naked torso, also I just wasn’t very interested in watching the movie in general. When The Avengers came out, ah, maybe I did need to have seen Thor, but hey, I can put two and two together. I also absolutely loathed Loki. Loathe is the word. Absolutely. Then, Tom Hiddleston is all of a sudden in everyone’s face as himself and I am absolutely smitten. And wouldn’t you know it, even seeing him as Loki has my panties in a bunch. I have to go see the first Thor movie soon, so I can go watch the second one while I can still behold Tom Hiddleston in all his glorious i-maxed purpose.