So It’s You (the non-food version of TributeThursdayPilipinas)

No food post today, but a quick note on a movie opening next month in the Philippines, not even a terribly awesome or groundbreaking movie, or any of that love team genre, because I think few can top that Sarah-John Lloyd one where he’s her boss or the Regine-Robin Padilla one that’s a ripoff from Notting Hill. I mean, this movie is obviously about friend-zoned rebound guy, and it’s not like friend-zoned rebound guy is such a new thing. I mean, hello Hua Ze Lei. But So It’s You caught my eye because Tom Rodriguez is a really good actor. Really. No, I’m not saying that because he looks like that, but watch this trailer and try not to offer him your bosom of comfort

(yes, bosom of comfort talaga, right)

I mean, I saw all one episode of My Husband’s Lover and I have to admit, I believed he was gay. I believed he was hopelessly in love with Dennis Trillo and could be so in real life too. I believed that he was in real life a suave, well dressed, metrosexual, splendid gay man and I wanted to be his friend. Even when people said, “No, he’s not really gay,” I was like, sure sure. I was convinced. And now, I’ve seen this trailer and I’m like, you guys were right. So, yeah, really good actor. Yes. Bigyan ng jacket. Yung suot ko.

Who wore it better? Tom Rodriguez and RJ Torres-lookalike Dennis Trillo

Who wore it better? Tom Rodriguez and RJ Torres-lookalike Dennis Trillo

I don’t know about you guys but I want a Tom Rodriguez please. Now.

In my defense, I would like to say that crushes are healthy when you live in a country far from the love of your life and you only see said crush on YouTube. Yes, we must think about our health after we hit a certain age.

Okay, to assure you that I was paying attention to the story of the film and not just Tom Rodriguez’s pretty eyes, of course Carla Abellana’s character wants her old boyfriend back, because she almost married him, for crying out loud. But dear friends, a guy leaving you at the altar is not worth winning back. If you do take him back because he’s all sad puppy eyes declaring, “I made a mistake!” remember this: he’s going to make lots of mistakes in the future and he’ll always believe you’ll forgive him because you forgave him for leaving you on your (first) wedding day.

But no, go make up with ex-boyfriend and leave Tom brokenhearted in that lonely, well-lit park. I’ll go cheer him up. It would be my pleasure.

I think I like Tom better with his shirt on...

I think I like Tom better with his shirt on…

Tribute Thursday: Adobo

Going home from work the other evening, Prof asked me if I cooked Filipino food in my new house (more on that in another post). I was quite embarrassed to admit that the only Filipino food I know how to cook was Sinigang (sour soup) and I can’t do that here unless I find tamarind I can boil and squeeze the pulp from. And even then, I’ve never done that before. Oh Knorr Sabaw ng Sinigang, you spoiler you.

Then he says he has cooked adobo and it’s somewhat challenging because the vinegar here is not as sour as the vinegar in the Philippines. I was bewildered at that, because he was very much Malay, until I realized he was talking about CHICKEN adobo. Well, of course he was. I wanted so much to tell him how chicken adobo pales in comparison to its more popular brother, but you don’t say such things to a Malay.

And yet, dreams of adobo (the non-halal kind) have been haunting me the last couple of days. Prof asked me how I cook adobo. I said in my household, Mom cooks it with a lot of oil/sauce, which is how my dad likes it, and fries the leftovers to extra crispy, the way I like it.

No, chicken adobo just doesn’t have the same effect.